Buy and Sell Local Baked Goods through uBake!

What is uBake?

uBake is a marketplace to buy and sell local baked goods. The marketplace offers an assortment of delicious baked goods that are uniquely made by local bakers in your community. Our mission is to help the community of bakers achieve their goals, by connecting them with hungry customers.

Our story

uBake was founded by two friends that shared a vision to connect the food dining community beyond retail bakeries. However, uBake’s story should actually be focused on the bakers and customers that use the site as their home. It is the casual bakers who enjoy baking once or twice a week to earn some extra cash, it is the budding entrepreneur who envisions one day opening their own bakery, it is the customers who purchase the products and leave reviews building credibility in the marketplace. uBake’s story is about these people and we want to help share their stories.

Our values

Buy Local

Connecting buyers and sellers in a community helps local economies thrive.


uBake empowers local bakers to achieve their goals by connecting them to buyers through our low cost platform.

Food Safety

We require all bakers who sell on uBake to complete a food safety training course before they can list products.

Do you love to bake?

Whether you are aspiring to start your own bakery or just want to earn some extra money doing what you love, uBake is here to help you accomplish your goals. Sign up today and start selling!